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Understanding who the Holy Spirit is and His purpose in your life is an essential for every believer. This introductory course will help you gain the fundamentals on the Holy Spirit. We encourage you to also know the Holy Spirit, not only learn the head knowledge.


There are foundational truths in God’s Word that, as Holy Ghost-filled believers, we
must truly comprehend and grasp to be foundational truths, thereby making them
pillars of our faith. This course will expound on the first 3 of these  twelve pillars as mentioned
1) My Heart
2) My Mission
3) My Worship

Soul winning is not a program; it is a passion. Soul winning is not an event; it is a lifestyle. Souls are the currency of Eternity.

The Great Commission of Jesus is for each Christian to go into all the World and to preach the Gospel to every creature. This class will teach students the heart of Jesus and to fulfill his command to win the lost at any cost, providing practical tools and steps to win souls for Jesus!

Proverbs 11:30b... He who wins souls is wise.

Do you ever feel like your prayers are not being effective. Many believers need to revisit the foundations of prayer. Prayer is essential to having a thriving relationship with God. This course will help you develop an effective prayer life, which will effect every area in your life.

The Holy Spirit 2 will give you a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit on a ministry level. You will be learning about the gifts of the spirit and the anointing and how they operate in the body of Christ.

There are foundational truths in God’s Word that, as Holy Ghost-filled believers, we
must truly comprehend and grasp to be foundational truths, thereby making them
pillars of our faith. This course will expound on these 3 of the  twelve pillars as mentioned

4) My Family
5) My Treasure
6) My Father

This course will helps you develop an understanding of biblical stewardship. We will examine the principles of: sowing & reaping prosperity, the tithe, and giving. Applying these truths to your life and ministry will bring you to a greater level of financial prosperity.

The scripture teaches us the just shall live by faith.  This course will provide you with the foundations necessary to live a victorious, faith-filled life. 

The Anointing is the Touch of God. 

The goal is to gain a better understanding of what it means to be the “Righteousness of Christ” and to live a righteousness-minded life. This will be accomplished by looking with fresh eyes at the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Romans and Galatians.  Paul interpreted and ministered through the lenses of a life-changing Damascus Road God-collision with the Risen Christ. The death and power of a resurrected, crucified Christ is not only central to Paul’s teachings but also is key to living a victorious crucified Christian life. 

Healing is a fundamental right for a child of God. This course will teach you truths found in the word of God in regards to health. Applying these principles to your life will transform your body and mind. 

In this course we will dive into what it means to be a leader. Examining: team leadership, supportive ministries, and servant leadership. We will take at look at various styles of leadership that will help excel you into your calling.

There are foundational truths in God’s Word that, as Holy Ghost-filled believers, we
must truly comprehend and grasp to be foundational truths, thereby making them
pillars of our faith. This course will expound on the next  3 of these  twelve pillars as mentioned
7) The Holy Spirit
8) My Road Map- The Word 
9) My Absolutes

The Other Side of the Supernatural

The Blood Covenant is a foundational doctrine that is imperative for every believer to understand.  It is the basis from which we understand our covenant relationship with God and its rights and privileges. 

The book of Acts is a reflection on how the body of Christ should function today. You will also be studying the life of Paul and his ministry. This course goes deep into the book of Acts to bring each student to a greater comprehension.

There are foundational truths in God’s Word that, as Holy Ghost-filled believers, we
must truly comprehend and grasp to be foundational truths, thereby making them
pillars of our faith. This course will expound on the next  3 of these  twelve pillars as mentioned

10) Effective Prayer
11) My Crowns
12) My Joy

"Keep your heart with all diligence" When it comes to the heart of man, the Bible has much to say. While many tend to dwell on the issues that can be seen, the Word emphasizes the importance of our own hearts, and what is hidden therein. No matter what you are dealing with, it all comes back to the heart.

In this course, taken from her sessions at The River Bible Institute, Dr. Adonica Howard-Browne concentrates on the heart of man and the work God wants to do there. With clear, practical and anointed teaching, she will help you...

• Tell the difference between your heart and your flesh
• Strip away the layers and barriers that may have hidden your heart
• Allow God into every room of your heart
• Heal the hurts and remove the fears that you carry within you

You can change the things on the outside, but until you have had a change of heart, there is no change at all.

This course has been developed from the notes and audio tapes by Dr .Adonica Howard-Browne. The purpose of this Learner's Guide is to assist the RSB learner in developing a proper understanding of the subject at hand.  It is not a comprehensive evaluation of the subject and therefore should not be used on its own, but serves as a guideline to be used together with classroom instruction or in conjunction with the required reading material.  The Learner's Guide is for the use of RSB learners only and should not be copied, given, loaned, or sold to anyone else.

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As God’s Word is taught, the student will learn how submission and authority applies to daily life. This course will provide the student with a foundation for faith in personal life and equip with truths that will carry the student through ministry in regard to submission and authority.


Developed by Dr. Michael Landsman; © Revival Ministries International, 2021

In this course we are going to take a good, long and hard look at some of the practices that are going on today in the Body of Christ. We will look at the real versus the imitation. We will look at the reality that God gives mankind gifts, but it is left to the individual who has received the gift to use it ethically and responsibly.

The impartation of the gifts, while given freely and by grace, come with an awesome responsibility. They were bought and purchased by the Blood of Christ, and are therefore priceless and holy things. They are not to be used frivolously, or in a flippant, carefree manner.

They are holy and must be treated as such. The purpose of the gifts, both the ministries and Gifts of the Spirit, are for a specific purpose. This purpose is for the building up and helping to mature the saints. They are given to help spiritual and mental growth, for the benefit of the individual in need; and the Body of Christ as a whole.

The use of the gifts given for personal gain, makes the user nothing less than a prostitute; one who uses the God given gift for personal profit. It is like they have become a soothsayer of false prophecy. If you use the gift for personal attention or gain, you are engaging in merchandising and trafficking the gift (the anointing).

The cry in the heart of every believer is to know how to hear the voice of God. It is the purpose of this course to bring you a greater understanding of how you can hear God’s voice. We will look into the various ways God speaks to us and realize that as His sheep, we know His voice and the voice of a stranger we will not follow.

This course outlines the basic doctrines of the church.  It deals with the fundamental doctrines that every believer should know.

This course is designed to strengthen and enhance your marriage and your family. It has been created for use as part of the River School of the Bible Online Correspondence Bible School used as a part of their program. This material has been compiled and presented for use as part of this program and is for the express use of our registered students. It is part of a comprehensive curriculum and designed to be used in conjunction with that program

This course will give you a basic understanding of the New Testament.  It will take you from the Gospel of Matthew to the book of Revelation. 

In this course we are going to spend some time becoming acquainted with the principle of the double. God is the one who always brings us increase. We are designed to bring forth fruit. God has placed his Spirit within us, and this is a never ending well that springs forth from us. We are watered by the water of the Word.

The Unshakable Church is a course designed to refresh the learner’s knowledge concerning the Foundational Rocks that the church is built upon. Jesus is the foundational stone, the cornerstone that the entire body is built upon.

The course follows a progression of the underpinnings of the church which is the body of Him that fills all in all. It is through the church that the world is exposed to God’s redemption plan and are able to become partakers of His divine nature.

Remember to take all the time you need to read through all the notes, look up the scriptures, do all the required reading, and watch all the videos embedded in the course.

This material has been produced for the express use of our learners and is used in conjunction with the RSB program. As Pastor Rodney like to say;” the material is copy written, so copy it right.” It is not to be reproduced for resale or use in an unauthorized manner.

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In this course we will be looking at the Gift of Faith. Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne has made the statement that for him the Gift of Faith is the most important gift and has undergirded all that he does. The Gift of Faith is not the same as the faith that God gives to everyone. This faith is measurable and can be increased.

Hebrews 11:1 AMPC

Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

The supernatural ministry of Jesus should help equip the learner to understand and see how it applies to their own life and ministry. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, therefore any proclamation of it should be accompanied with signs and wonders to follow the biblical pattern. 

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