There are foundational truths in God’s Word that, as Holy Ghost-filled believers, we
must truly comprehend and grasp to be foundational truths, thereby making them
pillars of our faith. This course will expound on the next  3 of these  twelve pillars as mentioned

10) Effective Prayer
11) My Crowns
12) My Joy

"Keep your heart with all diligence" When it comes to the heart of man, the Bible has much to say. While many tend to dwell on the issues that can be seen, the Word emphasizes the importance of our own hearts, and what is hidden therein. No matter what you are dealing with, it all comes back to the heart.

In this course, taken from her sessions at The River Bible Institute, Dr. Adonica Howard-Browne concentrates on the heart of man and the work God wants to do there. With clear, practical and anointed teaching, she will help you...

• Tell the difference between your heart and your flesh
• Strip away the layers and barriers that may have hidden your heart
• Allow God into every room of your heart
• Heal the hurts and remove the fears that you carry within you

You can change the things on the outside, but until you have had a change of heart, there is no change at all.

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As God’s Word is taught, the student will learn how submission and authority applies to daily life. This course will provide the student with a foundation for faith in personal life and equip with truths that will carry the student through ministry in regard to submission and authority.


Developed by Dr. Michael Landsman; © Revival Ministries International, 2021

In this course we are going to take a good, long and hard look at some of the practices that are going on today in the Body of Christ. We will look at the real versus the imitation. We will look at the reality that God gives mankind gifts, but it is left to the individual who has received the gift to use it ethically and responsibly.

The impartation of the gifts, while given freely and by grace, come with an awesome responsibility. They were bought and purchased by the Blood of Christ, and are therefore priceless and holy things. They are not to be used frivolously, or in a flippant, carefree manner.

They are holy and must be treated as such. The purpose of the gifts, both the ministries and Gifts of the Spirit, are for a specific purpose. This purpose is for the building up and helping to mature the saints. They are given to help spiritual and mental growth, for the benefit of the individual in need; and the Body of Christ as a whole.

The use of the gifts given for personal gain, makes the user nothing less than a prostitute; one who uses the God given gift for personal profit. It is like they have become a soothsayer of false prophecy. If you use the gift for personal attention or gain, you are engaging in merchandising and trafficking the gift (the anointing).