The Anointing is the Touch of God. 

The goal is to gain a better understanding of what it means to be the “Righteousness of Christ” and to live a righteousness-minded life. This will be accomplished by looking with fresh eyes at the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Romans and Galatians.  Paul interpreted and ministered through the lenses of a life-changing Damascus Road God-collision with the Risen Christ. The death and power of a resurrected, crucified Christ is not only central to Paul’s teachings but also is key to living a victorious crucified Christian life. 

Healing is a fundamental right for a child of God. This course will teach you truths found in the word of God in regards to health. Applying these principles to your life will transform your body and mind. 

In this course we will dive into what it means to be a leader. Examining: team leadership, supportive ministries, and servant leadership. We will take at look at various styles of leadership that will help excel you into your calling.