There are foundational truths in God’s Word that, as Holy Ghost-filled believers, we
must truly comprehend and grasp to be foundational truths, thereby making them
pillars of our faith. This course will expound on the next  3 of these  twelve pillars as mentioned
7) The Holy Spirit
8) My Road Map- The Word 
9) My Absolutes

The Blood Covenant is a foundational doctrine that is imperative for every believer to understand.  It is the basis from which we understand our covenant relationship with God and its rights and privileges. 

The book of Acts is a reflection on how the body of Christ should function today. You will also be studying the life of Paul and his ministry. This course goes deep into the book of Acts to bring each student to a greater comprehension.

In this course we are going to spend some time becoming acquainted with the principle of the double. God is the one who always brings us increase. We are designed to bring forth fruit. God has placed his Spirit within us, and this is a never ending well that springs forth from us. We are watered by the water of the Word.